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Empowering Individuals to Take Control of Their Lives

ECARE Psychiatric Services, a telehealth company based in Washington State, specializes in mental health medication management for adult clients. Our focus areas include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and various other mental health diagnoses.

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Welcome to ECARE Psychiatric Services

We are currently accepting new patients !!

We have over 10+ years experience in mental health care.

We offer diagnostic assessments & evaluations as well as, evidence-based medication management.

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We Can Help You To Manage 

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Whether it's school, work, or life's challenges, our practice offers medication management to support you on your journey to find balance and resilience


Long-term Depression? Explore our specialized support with medication management and therapy referrals tailored to meet your needs."

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Empowering Recovery: Our practice is a compassionate space for those dealing with PTSD. Discover valuable insights, coping tools, and professional resources to navigate your path to healing and well-being. As well as medication management.


Tailored Bipolar Treatment: Our practice provides precise solutions, including mood stabilizers, lithium, antipsychotics, and long-acting injectables (LAIs), empowering individuals on their path to effective medication management  

Most Major Insurances Accepted

We accept Medicaid

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Call to schedule an appointment today

(509) 606-4430

Fax: 509-773-8357

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